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Heritage Consultancy Service

If your business or organisation has come face-to-face with the past - and needs to do something about it - Mitch McKay can manage the process for you.

Servicing a region from Newcastle in NSW, right through to the Queensland border, our consultancy services include:

Port Macquarie Heritage Port Macquarie Heritage Port Macquarie Heritage
  • Heritage Advice and an Advisory Service

    We provide advice on planning for and management of the conservation of heritage places.

    We also provide a heritage advisory service to Local Government.

  • Heritage Assessments and Reports

    We prepare Heritage Assessments based on investigating and assessing the significance of an item then prepare conservation and management recommendations for that item.

    We also prepare Statements of Heritage Impact that analyse the impact of proposed works on the significance of a heritage item.

  • Heritage Interpretation

    We prepare interpretive material so that communities and visitors can better appreciate and understand the heritage of a place.

  • Heritage Management

    We manage heritage assistance funds, small scale conservation work and the preparation of studies.

  • Heritage Publications

    We prepare heritage strategies, guidelines and brochures.

  • Funding Submissions

    We prepare grant applications and manage acquittals.

  • Research

    We provide a research service for the preparation of heritage, precinct and thematic studies, conservation management plans and interpretive displays.

  • Heritage Exhibitions, Presentations and Events

    We organise and co-ordinate events that increase heritage awareness.

Contact Mitch on 0447 429 016 or send an email about your particular circumstances, and he will explain the best way forward.