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War Memorial

Project Type: Relocation

Client: Port Macquarie RSL Sub-branch

Location: Town Green, Horton St, Port Macquarie

The war memorial was erected in 1921 at the intersection of Horton and Gordon Streets, Port Macquarie and relocated to the Town Green in 1969.

It had served the community well in the ensuing years, however, due to the increase in attendances in recent years at commemorative services such as ANZAC Day the memorial’s location had become unsuitable for these services.

Listed as a local heritage item the RSL Sub-branch wished to relocate it once again to another location within the Town Green. The new location, only 20 metres from where it had originally been erected, was to be within a new purposely designed plaza that would cater for the increase in attendances, once again giving the memorial the prominence it deserved, ensuring its long term survival and enhancing its use which is considered to be the fundamental purpose of protecting the heritage item.

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